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Carina Ultra Dry Sanitary Pad
10'S 23CM Ultra Dry Slim Wing
10'S 23CM Ultra Dry Maxi Wing
10'S 33CM Ultra Dry Extra Long Night Maxi Wing
Size Packing Size Carton Measurement L x H x W (MM) 20'' FCL 40'' HC FCL
23CM Slim 10'S x 60PKTS 500 x 450 x 285 406 1030
23CM Maxi 10'S x 60PKTS 520 x 450 x 285 390 990
33CM Maxi 10'S x 48PKTS 520 x 450 x 285 390 990
Specifications :
  Extra Soft Dry-Net Layer
  Breathable Cover
  Side Gather
  Extra Dry Zone
  Super Gel Absorbent
  Regular To Normal Flow